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Pasture based milking systems


Portable tandem type milking parlours MOTECH

  No one can argue about the advantages of pasture based dairy farming. How ever there is one of the biggest disadvantages of such farming is the distance from the milking parlour to the pasture that takes time and energy from the cows and farmer. There fore Mototecha takes the milking parlour to the pasture where thank’s to the manual or tractor powered hydraulic shasey which makes it easily moveble from one place to the other .  The tandem milking parlor offers the highest comfort for people and animal and therefore creates the best working conditions. The animals are milked in single boxes and change independently from one another - disturbances when changing animals are a thing of the past. The total milking time is clearly reduced and the consistent work share provides better working conditions. Numerous steps can be automated - productivity is optimized.

The advantages of the MOTECH mobile  tandem milking parlor at a glance:

  • Milking process is done in the pasture.
  • Easily connects to the mobile milk (cooling optional)  tank.
  • Semi automatic washing devices  
  • Gate control from the inside from each milking place
  • Stable and durable construction
  • Excellent price/service ratio

Simplify your work

You can simplify your work with the practical gate controls. The gates open and close absolutely reliable from each milking point. Decide yourself, which steps you want to automate.

Order in the herd

Single boxes and individual changes ensure that the cows stand and walk separated from each other. So there is no anxiety and milking is completely stress-free for the animals.


Free access to the cow

The animals are parallel to the milking path. You therefore have an excellent access to the udder, controlling the animal is simplified and the risk of injuries is minimized.

Stable and durable

The design is extremely stable and durable, exactly right for the daily stress in the pasture.

A worthwhile investment

The benefits pay for themselves - even for you! Mototecha tandem milking parlors offer a very attractive price/service ratio.


Milking parlor MOTECH4

Inside the parlor: 

Operation scheme:
Operation scheme (12 milking places ):

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